GSM Sites

The time-to-market pressures and the need for assimilating more functions are fueling the GSM market's growth. MADAF with its grit and perseverance has emerged as one of the leading subcontractor in providing GSM support services. Saudi Telecom Company – the telecom governing body, maintains the complete Mobile network of the Kingdom. Against much competition, MADAF has captured the top slot on their priority list. MADAF has established itself as the fastest growing GSM support provider in the market, by providing high performance capabilities with the highest quality standards. All this is based on varied expertise and a wide range of experience. MADAF is offer service to the top bodies functioning in and for the Telecommunication Industry. MADAF is the approved Contractor of the Saudi Telecom Company and Subcontractor of many major telecom players like Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei. MADAF has completed some of the biggest projects outsourced by STC. To enlist them: